A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A small, puzzle game made in 10 days as part of the NotMoe Game Jam #2.

The game jam theme was "_ for the _ god", and we get to fill in the blanks with whatever we like.

So, we chose "Food for the Cat God". The idea was originally by my girlfriend, but I ended up liking it enough to develop our game jam entry from it. It's a simple premise, but it's been fun to develop a game around it.

The cat god is hungry and it's up to you to feed them before the time runs out! 

Developed by myself and Lenguador, with artwork by the wonderful Shuegi

Install instructions

Download the archive suitable for your platform, then open and run the executable inside.


Linux.zip 21 MB
Mac.zip 36 MB
Windows.zip 22 MB

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